Ogasawara Minamijima

[2/4] Traveling to Ogasawara (小笠原諸島)

Part two of our journey from Tokyo to Ogasawara, June 2013.  We started the day with a full Japanese-style breakfast at the hotel. Then we headed down to the pier for the activity we booked.  A day-trip to Hahajima (which is about 50km to the south of Chichijima), along with dolphin watching and a stop off at Minamijima (an uninhabited island) on the way back.  However, on the way back our cruiser had mechanical issues and unfortunately that leg of the trip had to be cancelled. Nonetheless it was a great day with plenty of sun.  Actually it was too much as I ended up sunburned after that.

We finished our evening with dinner back at the hotel.  The menu was local Ogasawara cuisine featuring zuke-salmon and turtle dishes. Not only was there turtle innards stew, there was kame-sashi (turtle sashimi), both pictured below. It sounds a bit exotic but the stew tasted similar to other beef stews and the sashi just tasted like other types of fishi sashimi.

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